The Lord’s Mercies

In speaking of the Lord’s mercies, the Prophet Jeremiah had this to say, “They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:23).

Using this text as a springboard, the songwriter Thomas Chisolm penned these lines:

Great is thy faithfulness!

Great is thy faithfulness!

Morning by morning new mercies I see.

Of course, one of the great themes in all of this is the faithfulness of our Lord; and for that, every child of God can be eternally grateful.

But it is very interesting to notice that the Bible describes God’s mercies as “new every morning.” This has a tremendously important meaning. When we wake up each day, we can count on a fresh start.

Because of our humanity, no one can say, “I am without sin.” But because of God’s divinity, no one can say, “God is finished with me.” If you are still alive, there are new mercies for today!

God’s freshness in starting over is amazing. For the Christian, every day can be the beginning of a new era. Every day, there are fresh mercies.

Satan loves to discourage people, trying to make us believe that we can never be used again because of our past sins. Though the punishment of God is real and though God at times disciplines His children, the Christian can know that our past problems are met with fresh mercies. When the Devil tries to remind us of our failures, we can truthfully say, “Isn’t it wonderful that the Lord has chosen to love me in spite of all that! Isn’t it wonderful that God opens a new era for me each day by granting new mercies day by day.”

When we wrongly think that we are stuck, we must remember God’s fresh mercies. When we wrongly think that our only companion is hopelessness, we must remember that God has crafted a new era for us today!

God’s mercies—they are new every morning. They are new today. They are available for you at this very moment!

by Dr. Mike Zachary


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